We are happy to announce that Donna Rubino will be practicing predominantly at Sound Audiology and no longer working with Mineola ENT (which was recently acquired by NYU Langone-Long Island).

Dr. Rubino has spent over 21 years wonderful years working as an audiologist at Mineola ENT and was lucky to work with some of the best Otolaryngologists on Long Island; Drs. Durante, Moghaddassi and Ganjian. She learned so much from their expertise.  As you may know, Dr. Anthony Durante recently retired, and the other physicians joined with NYU Langone in May 2021.   After the acquisition, Donna Rubino soon decided that the transition to a large corporate hospital was not the best fit for her as she preferred the smaller, mom and pop type practice, which is what Sound Audiology has been since April 2013.   Continuing in a smaller private practice gives Dr. Rubino the flexibility with pricing and the ability to dispense ALL manufactures, which ensures the patient is getting the best device for their hearing and lifestyle needs.   Patient care has always been our priority and, just like Mineola ENT, Donna Rubino can, once again, concentrate on the needs of every patient that walks through our doors.

We invite all of you that have known Donna Rubino from Mineola ENT and NYU to call our office for your hearing needs.  At Sound Audiology, we will do our best to accommodate you and hope to continue the professional relationship that you have had.  Those of you that have worked with Donna Rubino at Mineola ENT over the past 21 years understand that she always worked the hardest she could to give you personalized and customized service to help you with your hearing needs while understanding cost and value of the products. We are happy to say that we will continue to give you the caring hearing healthcare that you deserve.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can call our office at (516) 224-7588.  We are looking forward to working with former Mineola ENT and NYU patients in our Lynbrook location, or via home visit if available.